Avoid these and make it big in Poker!

More and more people are becoming hooked on poker since its steady rise to popularity. That is why it is understandable why there are so many newbies in the game. However, the newbies are in a great disadvantage since inexperience usually causes them to lose a lot during games.

Time and experience will put a stop to these errors, thats for sure. Nevertheless, it will still be mightily helpful, if you familiarize yourself with the flow of the game right from the start so you can learn faster and stop losing.

Here is a list of common mistakes that beginner poker players usually make:

Playing too many hands. Most newbie poker players are so excited during their games that they commit this cardinal sin in poker. Having a face card in the starting hand usually gets a beginner excited but that should not be the case as many professional poker players know.
Playing above the bankroll. Dont let the greed get to you. Youll regret it later on. Try to control yourself and stick to a consistent low limit. Learn how to beat the game first before playing it big.

Getting emotional on the table. Remember the term poker face? Well, that expression did not crop up without a reason. Getting too emotional during a game will make you lose focus and concentration. You cant have all the goods all the timeits a win some, lose some game so keep on wearing that poker face and concentrate on your game.

Not taking pot odds seriously.

Most new players do not even bother to calculate the odds. This is because few beginners truly understand pot odds, and underestimate its value in keeping them from calling in a situation that is nearly a no-win scenario. Let your pot odds be your guide and your game will dramatically improve.

Imitating other players. You may pull it off a few times but imitating other poker players is simply nothing but a bad idea. Succeeding in poker cannot be achieved by imitating even if the one you choose to imitate are professionals. You can succeed if you understand the flow of the game and learning to make the right kind of decisions.

Over-valuing suited hands. Having a suited hand is a plus. However, you should not play a hand just because it is suited. The first two things to consider about a starting hand are the ranks of the cards and whether the cards are paired. These are by far the most important factors in the value of a hand. After this, you should consider if they are suited or connecting.